A couple of weeks ago we recorded 10 songs for our first full-length LP. We are extremely stoked to announce that there will be an US pressing of the LP on Dirt Cult Records. USA tour plans for sometime in the first half of 2015 are in the making. The European version of the LP will be out by late summer via Phobiact Records. In this context, we will play a two-week release tour this September. Get in touch if you want to put us on. Schedule below, cheers!

September 05 – Nürnberg @ Projekt 31 w/ Hysterese (DE)
September 06 – Berlin @ Kastanienkeller
September 07 – Leipzig @ Zoro
September 08 – Hamburg @ Fährstrasse 115
September 09 – Münster @ tba
September 10 – Frankfurt @ Klapperfeld
September 11 – Offenburg @ Juze Kessel
September 12 – Paris @ tba w/ Litovsk (FR)
September 13 – Brest @ tba w/ Litovsk (FR)
September 14 – France tbc w/ Litovsk (FR)
September 15 – Toulouse @ tba w/ Litovsk (FR)
September 16 – Barcelona @ tbc
September 17 – Marseille @ Le Machine A Coudre
September 18 – Switzerland/Italy tbc
September 19 – tbc
September 20 – Trento @ tba
September 21 – Graz @ Sub w/ Xaxaxa (MK), High Dive (US), The Liberation Service

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New Record, Tour Coming Up.

We have a short Euro-Tour coming up, which will start in about three weeks from today. I’m very stoked about this as we’ll be playing a few shows together with two of my favorite Portland punk outfits. Come round and say hello. Here’s the schedule:

10.02. Munich @ Kafe Kult w/ The Estranged (US)
11.02. Erlangen @ Juz w/ Fright Eye (DK)
12.02. Prague @ Cafe V Lese
13.02. Wroclaw @ Pod Palacykiem w/ Autistic Youth (US)
14.02. Brno @ Vegalite w/ Autistic Youth (US)
15.02. Budapest @ Trafik Klub w/ Autistic Youth (US)
16.02. Zagreb @ Attack w/ Autistic Youth (US)

Moreover, the „Futile Attempts“ EP is out now. Thanks a million to Flo/Cut the Cord That…Records as well as Karlo and Mihael/Doomtown Records for releasing it. Write to cutthecordthat@gmail.com or doomtownrec@gmail.com if you want copies.
Listen to it below. Read a nice write-up about it here.

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Back home from tour, good times we had. Thanks to everyone involved!
Our split LP with Inu is finally out via Grita O Muere (Spain), Symphony of Destruction, Derrick Hunter Records, Subversive Ways (France), Destroy it Yourself (Portugal), Panda Banda (Slovenia) and Dzsukhell Records (Hungary). All songs available on Bandcamp.

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Our split LP with INU will be out this September. It will be released by Grita O Muere, Symphony of Destruction and some others. More info on that soon. We will also play a short tour together, for which a few gaps still need to be filled. Please get in touch if you can help.

09.09. Amsterdam @ Vrankrijk
10.09. Bremen @ Querlenker
11.09. Leipzig @ Zoro
12.09. Berlin @ Schokoladen
13.09. Flensburg @ Senffabrik
14.09. Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd
15.09. Denmark/Sweden – NEED HELP!
16.09. Oslo @ Blitz
17.09. Örebro @ tba
18.09. Malmö @ tba
19.09. Kolding @ Ravaerket
20.09. Hamburg @ Lobusch

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Furthermore, we are still in the process of recording 12 songs. Half of them will be released on a Split LP together with INU from Spain. By the end of the year we will then release the other half on a 7′. If you wanna get involved, get in touch via catholicguiltpunx@hotmail.com

Meanwhile, here are the songs off our demo tape:

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Upcoming shows

We returned from our first European tour last weekend. It was fun. Thanks to everyone who hooked us up with shows!
The following are next:

03.06.2013 Graz @ Sub w/ Modern Pets (DE)
12.06.2013 Zagreb @ Grey Room w/ Sickoids (US)
15.06.2013 Wien @ Venster99 w/ Sickoids (US)
13.07.2013 Koper @ Pandamonium Festival

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